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Hardware Support with Defective Media Retention


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Keep defective hard disks in your possession

Keep defective hard disks in your possession

What is Defective Media Retention?

HP is pleased to announce the introduction of HP Care Pack services with Defective Media Retention (DMR).
DMR allows customers to keep their data safe and secure by maintaining control over defective storage disks.

How does it work?

DMR lets you keep and control your disks and data.
If a disk that is covered by the retention option malfunctions, call HP for support. An HP support agent will diagnose the system problem, dispatch an engineer (if needed) and provide a replacement disk. You will then retain the defective disk drive.


  • Security and control - Data will never leave your control.
  • Compliance - Helps meet current data privacy regulations.
  • Risk Mitigation - Proper control and disposition of sensitive data can mitigate the risk of expensive regulatory or civil liability.
  • Convenience - Convenient, prepaid HP Care Pack Service removes the hassle and expense of ordering new hard disk.
  • Cost Effective - Eliminates the need to budget for unexpected replacement costs.

Who will benefit?

DMR is specifically designed for companies that:
  • Need to control and secure their classified, proprietary and confidential data.
  • Are subject to current data privacy regulations.
  • Want a simpler, more cost-effective solution when choosing not to return a malfunctioning disk drive.
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