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In a digital world, we expect information access anytime and from anywhere. But this accessibility can create vulnerabilities that threaten the security of our information and leave organisations open to various forms of malicious attack. Balancing these dynamics means moving beyond the traditional roles of IT security—static risk and compliance mitigation—and leveraging advanced capabilities to help you achieve outcomes that matter to your organisation. To achieve operational success, businesses and governments must balance transparency and confidentiality to meet a new age of cyber security.

Thrive: HP’s Secure Advantage - An integrated approach

HP is committed to better business outcomes for our clients. We take an integrated approach, built on the notion of a complete information security lifecycle. By tackling causes rather than symptoms, we help improve security and reduce the cost of ongoing protection.

Our services start with risk assessment to help you understand your enterprise’s vulnerability to internal and external threats, and how these may affect your business outcomes. Based on the unique priorities of your organisation, we help you plan a more secure infrastructure with hardened data centres, toughened applications, data encryption and access control, end-point and network security and 24/7 security operations to oversee it all.

HP leadership

HP’s cyber security solutions are backed by a unique set of capabilities and expertise:

  • Innovation. Our research and experience translate into a consistent, best practices approach, backed up by experienced people and innovation drawn from across the organization, including HP Labs, where security is a core research focus. We also work closely with our clients to develop specialized next-generation approaches to cyber security.
  • Technology leadership. HP is a world leader in technology. We offer a complete range of cyber security solutions that tie technology expertise with business insight to make sure that our 90+ services in this area deliver real benefits.
  • Global reach. With more than 3,000 security and privacy professionals worldwide, HP has the expertise and resources to meet an enterprise’s security needs. We have been delivering cyber security solutions on behalf governments, financial institutions, and our healthcare, utility, transportation and manufacturing clients for more than four decades.

Could you survive a cyber attack?

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Recently, HP and the Ponemon Institute conducted the Cyber Security Readiness Study with 131 senior-level security leaders from 89 separate organisations located across different industry sectors.

What we’ve learnt

Research from the study has shown that many organisations are experiencing cyber attacks on a daily, even hourly basis. These attacks pose great risks to sensitive and confidential information and can result in costly disruption of services. Moreover, the experts who responded to our survey believe cyber crimes are more difficult to prevent and detect than other computer crimes, and many organisations are ill-prepared to deal with a cyber attack.

We can help

We believe it is imperative for all organisations to understand and test their own cyber readiness so we are offering a 1 on 1 assessment with HP Cyber Security experts to help organisations identify risk areas that might hamper their ability to prevent or quickly detect cyber attacks.